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The theater will be reopening this friday. Friday night only, screenings will be free of charge.

There will also be flowers and incense for sale in the lobby as well, if anyone is interested.

Also, there are still job openings at the theater if anyone wants to apply.
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For all who may be interested, I'll be reopening the theater within the next few weeks. There may be a job opportunity or two available as well.

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[A wheezing gasp can be heard on the voice feed as Ceireia draws her first breath. Her ragged breathing is followed by a thud as she rolls out of the bed and falls onto the floor.

The only other thing that can be heard is a scraping sound across the floor before the feed ends.]
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[The video feed flickers on to show Ceireia glaring across a clearing in the dark forest. Standing across from her are Illina and Ariana. Without hesitation, Ariana's hands burst into flame, and a wall of fire rapidly surrounds the clearing.]

Traitors! I won't let you stop me.

Ceireia, stop this madness. Look at what you've become! You've succumbed to the same power that nearly did the same to Zephyr. What would he think of this?

Not only that, what about all the innocent people you've killed in pursuit of power?

Don't act like you know me. I'm going to bring him back, and everything will be as it should. I won't surrender. Not when I'm so close. I don't want to kill either of you. Leave now.

[Ariana spins around, a chain made of fire spiraling towards Ceireia, who slaps it aside with the blade of her sword, having created it at the last second before the chain would have hit her. Her other hand flares with dark energy, forming a second sword. The ground shakes beneath the 3STP as the gnarled roots of all the trees in the area break through the ground, twisting and writhing around. The 3STP rolls over and the feed times out.]

[OOC: Green- Ceireia, Blue- Illina, Red- Ariana. Replies be several hours after the feed happens. Ceireia does not survive the battle. Responses will be made by Illina or Ariana.]
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[The video feed flickers to life, showing Ceireia sitting in the center of a clearing in the dark forest. Dark energy swirls around her, branching out to carve into large stones placed strategically around her in a circle. Slowly, she carves inticate runes into the stones, and seems to concentrate very heavily on getting them perfect.

After a few moments, she draws the dark energy back into herself, and gets up to walk around the circle, inspecting her handiwork. She seems to smile faintly before speaking to herself.]

Very soon. I'm almost ready.

I will not fail.

[With that the feed times out.]

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[Ceireia turns the video feed on as she trundles through the snow. She's ridiculously bundled up in heavy clothing, and is very, very unimpressed by the weather.]

This needs to stop. Its getting ridiculous.

[She sighs, before tripping and faceplanting into a snowbank. She goes quiet for a moment, before snarling, face still in the snow. Suddenly, dark energy whips and swirls around her, batting all the snow within 10 yards away, also causing damage to several nearby buildings. Ceireia stands up, eyes glowing white for a moment before returning to normal.]

Whichever god is behind this, I'll find you.
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[As the voice feed begins, Ceireia can be heard speaking in her ancient arcane language. Without an accompanying video, it is hard to tell what is going on, but as she continues, her chanting becomes a somewhat haunting melody. Within moments, an inhuman squeal pierces the air, however Ceireia continues on.

After a few more moments, the squeal begins to die down, before going silent. Ceireia continues chanting for a moment before she finally stops. The feed is absolutely silent for a moment, before she speaks.]

...this is still not enough.  I need more.
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[The video feed flickers on as Ceireia's 3STP clatters to the ground. Ceireia's breathing hard, and why is obvious. She's surrounded by several dozen zombies, with another ten or so already broken on the ground.  She's clutches her sword tightly, as it glows for a moment. A second blade extends from the back of the handle, effectively becoming a two-handed weapon, which she uses to easily behead several more of the shambling undead.

It isn't much use though, there's simply too many of them, and too close. Ceireia drops to one knee as they begin to close in on her. A faint smirk can be seen on her face before she says something, but can't be heard. Suddenly,  a pulse of dark energy arcs out from her, slicing through everything in its path, zombies, store windows, street lights, and anything else in the way. As it goes dark from the lights being destroyed, the feed ends.]

(ooc: Ceireia is unconscious and unable to respond.)
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[The video feed turns on to show Ceireia sitting at a desk covered with books. In the background are many rows of shelves of books. The windows are covered with dark, heavy looking drapes. Shifting a few of the stacks of books onto a cart, she begins to speak.]

I don't know who's been making a mess of the shelves, but know one thing. I will find you. I just want to make that clear.

Also, if I catch any more of you in here with food or drink, you'll be receiving detention.

[After moving another small stacks of books on the cart, she turns off the feed.]
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[The video feed flickers on in what appears to have been some sort of executive office turned into a bedroom. The windows have been boarded up and covered with blankets. Sitting on the edge of a large mahogany desk is Ceireia, holding a strange little device. She presses a few buttons on it, before holding it up to her arm.

And with the press of another button, two syringes slide down into her skin, injecting some kind of clear liquid ino her arm. Ceireia lets out a light hiss of pain before removing the device from her arm, and popping the syringes out, dropping them in a glass of liquid next to her. Then, she notices the blinking light on the 3STP across the room and mutters something in another language before the feed suts off.]

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Well, that was an interesting week.

Might anyone know where I could get a large quantity of wood and/or potting soil? I need them for a project I'm working on. Some other hardware equipment and tools may be useful as well.
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[Ceireia turns on the video feed, and even though it's dark out, the light from a nearby streetlight is enough to show that she's covered in dust.  And that she has an odd looking sword in her other hand. It looks similar to a katana, but the handle is surrounded by a handguard like a rapier.]

I got one.

[She smirks, seeming quite pleased with herself as she turns the feed to show what's left of a statue. There's several deep slash marks across the stone, with vines sprouting out of some of them. The statue's head is laying on the ground a few inches away, which Ceireia prods briefly with her foot.]

It thought I wasn't watching. I didn't need to. I felt it.
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[The video feed flickers on, showing Ceireia dancing deep in the park around the oasis in the center. As she moves along, plant life grows rapidly, as if reaching towards her. However, the plants look different, odd, perhaps deformed, with dark colored veins through the leaves and flowers.

Also, she is singing. Although, no one can understand it, as it's in a language only few knew back in her own world. It sounds eerie, yet somewhat calming. If one had to take a guess, it could be a lullaby. Dark energy swirls around her hands and legs calmly, however as it brushes against some of the plant life, it withers. The feed continues on for another minute or so before timing out.]

[ooc: Ceireia is currently unable to speak or type common. As there is no existing translations or anything for the Arcane language she's speaking, I'll be using Drow as her stand-in language for translations and such. If you wish to read translations of what she'll be saying, use this: http://www.grey-company.org/Maerdyn/resources/translator/ ]

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[The video feed is turned on, showing Ceireia's face. Although the only light is coming from a nearby streetlight, it's easy to tell that she looks...different. Her eyes look cold and distant, and there's a lack of a smile. Also, when did Ceireia become a night person? She mumbles something in a foreign language before speaking, more to herself than to anyone.]

That was easy to figure out.

Now...to find somewhere to rest tomorrow.

[She presses a few more buttons, attempting to pull up a map, inadvertently shutting off the feed.]
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