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Name:Ceireia Shadiene
Birthdate:May 3
Personality Changes: Ceireia, once a happy, optimistic woman has changed drastically due to the corruption of her soul due to the dark energy she now seeks to master. Although she seems fairly mellow from time to time, she suffers frequent mood swings. At times she could be mischievous or quiet, other times she could be cold, full of sorrow, or downright cruel. Occasionally, Ceireia will space out, wandering aimlessly or talking to herself for periods of time. She also has a slight sadistic streak, and if the mood arises, will use her poisons to mercilessly torture an enemy, or anyone unfortunate enough to provoke her.

Background: Ceireia, was born to Alexander and Victoria Shadiene, alongside her twin brother Zephyr. As stated in her personality section, is an intelligent, outgoing young woman. She had a very close group of friends which she hung out with often. Throughout school, she remained in the top quarter of her class, doing her best to keep up with her grades and homework. At home, she spent much of her free time tending to her flower garden outside, as well as her tropical one inside. She, like her mother, had a natural green thumb, and an affinity for all flora. In her room, she kept several small hybrid plants she grew herself, which she was very proud of.

When it came time for graduation, she and Zephyr took their diplomas proudly, and after a short party, she bade her brother a safe trip as he left for a vacation. She was the first to notice his extended absence, especially without him contacting home. Leaving only a note to her parents, she set out to find her missing brother, stopping by at a government agency to alert them of his absence. They of course, gave her no answers, and she left to continue searching. The agents however, decided she knew too much, and with her family's bloodline, was too valuable to pass up. That night, Ceireia Shadiene was taken as well.

When she awoke, she had no idea where she was. The large white room, set up much like a hotel suite, was not something she had expected, nor was the fact that she felt faster, and more reflexive, her sight also much better. Not long after, she met her psychic aide, whom was strong enough to manipulate her mind, and was given her first mission. Hunt down 00, and bring him back dead or alive. The specimen was stated to be very powerful, and the host of Project Leviathan. The picture she was shown did not come up in her memory, the psychic's brainwashing too powerful for her to recognize her own brother.

She was promptly sent off to capture the renegade Zephyr, her aide alongside her to make sure the job got done, and to locate him telepathically. The Leviathan's presence was not hard to single out, and they tracked him to the middle of a forest, where Zephyr was resting. Upon seeing the silver haired escapee, she attacked him mercilessly, using the forested landscape to fight him, although the shocked expression and the lack of a will to fight in him unnerved her a bit. Now bloodied and beaten badly, Zephyr caved into the Leviathan, which turned the tables, Ceireia now on the defensive, injured. Zephyr snapped out of the beasts' control, just in time to stop the blade from finishing her off. The psychic fled in terror, Ceireia slowly breaking out of the man's control, suddenly realizing that she almost killed her own brother. She burst into tears and clung to Zephyr, passing out in his arms due to exhaustion. The next day would begin their long journey.

Reunited, Zephyr and Ceireia meet up with the other three, Kevin, Ariana, and Steven, and begin to plot a course of action. Rather than hide, they decide that these experiments need to be stopped, and select one of the labs as a target, Lab T, or Telekinesis. Lab T is the home of the T-Unit, the government's special squad of elite soldiers that have ESP. After destroying many of their records, and hacking into information they wish they hadn't discovered, such as the entity implanted and combined with Zephyr's DNA, a force hits them that leaves them stunned, a teenage girl standing in their way. Illina Feir, the head of T-Unit. After speaking with her and learning about her past, she reveals that all she wants is to be free. Although some of the others believe it could be a ruse, Zephyr believes that she is telling the truth and welcomes her to join them.

Zephyr then loses control and vanishes during the night. Upon discovering his absence, Ceireia urges that they should pursue her brother, clearly sensing that something is wrong. After days of tracking him, they arrive at Ceireia and Zephyr's hometown--and too late. Many of the homes and complexes were destroyed and/or burning. Amongst the wreckage stood a dark, lone figure standing over what appears to be a symbol shaped by fire on the pavement. For a brief moment, Zephyr snaps out of it and pleads for the others to kill him, before the Leviathan could regain control and kill them instead. Extremely reluctantly, they do as he asks, and believe to have killed him, his hair returning to its black color, and a stream of darkness flooding out from his body to swirl into the flames. Ceireia holds Zephyr for a moment, before turning her attention to the flames.

A voice rings out from the shadows and flames, taking the shape of Zephyr, but with silver hair, but the voice was not Zephyr's at all, raspy and menacing. Just before the Leviathan would have struck Ceireia down, a katana intervenes, an uninjured Zephyr blocking the attack and a determined, infuriated look in his eyes. He and the Leviathan do battle, the others watching by, as it is Zephyr's fight now-not their own.The Leviathan gloats, and in that brief moment, Zephyr shoves his blade through the abomination's chest, the beast in human form dissipating again, it's last words stating that it will never die.

The group of friends then begin their run across the country again, now attempting to find a safe place to hide from the government, without revealing their identities or abilities. Which happens to be nigh impossible. Steven performs one of his cyberkinesis net dives, only to receive a code from the government, stating that if they come back, their lives will be spared. Steven, being only 15 leaves the group and makes off for the most infamous lab of all. Area 51. Ariana, stricken by her brother's choice, still remains with Zephyr's group, and pleads them to go after him. She explains that their parents were scientists and had volunteered them for the project.

Ceireia and the others make for Area 51 with haste, infiltrating the underground base's defenses with quite some difficulty. Shocked by all of their findings, suddenly a familiar voice rings out, a black cloaked figure blocking the door in front of them. The Leviathan in human form takes off his hood, his blade already in his hand. The group fights fiercely, and manage to destroy several small labs in the course of the fight with it, finally being backed into a larger lab with a sealed container. On a whim, Zephyr smashes the container to reveal an onyx orb, and remembers something he had never previously known. The song of sealing. Quickly, he repeats the lines, which Ceireia manages to sing, the beast, even though fading continues to try to attack them, but is ultimately sealed away, its last words following. "I will never vanish. You will never rest."

Ignoring the creature's words, Zephyr and Ceireia take the orb and set off with the others, still fighting off and evading government forces, to find a secluded place in which to set the orb to rest. Off the keys of Florida, they find what must have once been a small island, a lagoon and a dense forest upon it. After sinking the orb in a deep pool in the center of the island, Zephyr and Ceireia return to shore to their comrades, to discover Steven, Ariana, and Kevin beaten and bloody, agent bodies scattered across the beach. One thing is apparent. Illina is missing, taken by the soldiers. The group rushes off, having Steven hack into the government's computers to find out where she was taken. After arriving at the base, the group waits until nightfall to launch their rescue, split into two teams to infiltrate.

As Zephyr, Ceireia and Kevin infiltrate the base, Ariana and Steven provide a distraction with which to keep the guards occupied. Once inside, the three split up to search for Illina, agreeing to meet at a window on the first floor after they find her. Ceireia takes to searching the third floor of the facility, and is easily captured by two of the scientists as they catch her off guard. They then set a trap for Zephyr, using Ceireia as the bait. He does take the bait, however the tides turn and both the scientists are subsequently dispatched by Zephyr. Ceireia and him then rejoin the others, as Kevin had freed Illina. Unknown to them, the scientists that were killed would bring forth an even larger threat.

Over the next year, the group continues to evade and fight off attacks from both the government and the new, sadistic lieutenant of the Super Soldier forces. After discovering the murder of his parents at the hands of Zephyr, Neill went insane, dedicating every moment to destroying the group completely. In a last ditch effort, he sets a trap, claiming that if the group does not return to Ceireia and Zephyr's hometown, that all the citizens will die. Unable to allow that to happen, they rush into the trap, and a bloody battle between Zephyr and Neill ensues, while Ceireia and the others attempt to free the hostages. Zephyr, nearly killed by Neill, lies broken and bloody on the ground, as the sadistic lieutenant readies to finish him off. However, Illina stuns him briefly with a telekinetic shriek, and Zephyr plunges both katanas through Neill's chest.

Leaving the man for dead, Zephyr turns back to the group and is eagerly hugged by Illina and Ceireia, even in his battered form. Illina gasped suddenly, a thin trickle of blood coming from the corner of her mouth. Neill's arm lay outstretched, having used the last of his energy to throw a hidden knife-now embedded in Illina's back. Zephyr pulls the blade out of her, and begins speaking in the arcane language, which only Ceireia and himself understood. He was going to use the last of his own life energy to heal Illina. Ceireia held Zephyr's fading form as he slowly dissipated into the darkness he had controlled so well. Although she was deeply saddened and nearly gave completely into despair, she knew that Zephyr would now be at peace. After giving Zephyr a proper funeral fit for a hero, she set forth with the others in order to find a place where they could live freely. Months later, the group would slowly break apart, as they followed their own dreams, but Ceireia, Illina and Kevin all stayed in Zephyr's hometown as it was rebuilt, and resided within a small mansion on the outskirts. A sanctuary for those whom were experimented on.

However, as the years went by, Ceireia's sanity began to slide. Especially after the death of Illina, killed by an unknown illness at the age of 34. Using a combination of her own unique abilities and forbidden dark arcane magic, she discovered a way to prolong her lifespan indefinitely. This same dark energy would corrupt her body and soul, changing her. During this change of nature, Ceireia brought upon herself the task of finding a way to bring both Zephyr and Illina back to life, the sorrow of their losses still heavy in her heart. News of her other friends' deaths as time continued on only made it worse for her, causing Ceireia to increase the use of dark energy used in her experiments to resurrect the dead. None of her attempts to bring her friends back have succeeded, the failures only making her more desperate.

Now, 110 years after the death of Zephyr, Ceireia has become something else entirely. What was once an optimistic, cheerful girl was now a dark, foreboding creature. The Shadiene estate, built shortly after the demise of her brother was now considered cursed by most, and was heavily avoided. Some say that if you ventured close enough to the mansion, that you could still hear a girl crying or screaming in anger.

Abilities: Ceireia retains her abilities to manipulate plant matter as well as to create and mix poisons within her own body. She also retains her heightened senses. However, she can now utilize dark energy to some extent, able to create slicing blades of dark energy or to summon a sword if needed. Using dark energy, she is also able to grab things, or to sense what is around her. Her most dangerous ability is also the one she uses to prolong her life. Using a forbidden dark art, Ceireia can drain the life energy from living things. She can also emit pulses of dark energy, some of which she cannot control. Due to training with her brother before his death, Ceireia has some skill with a blade, although her preferred method of combat is through using poisoned, needle-like thorns.

The sword Ceireia can create is much like her corrupted self, strange. It resembles a katana, however its handle is like that of a rapier, having a fancy, ornate handguard. The handguard covers both ends of the handle, leaving a space for her hand in the middle. At her will, the blade can retract and reform on the other end of the handle, allowing her to strike and parry almost immediately after eachother. This sword also can channel her abilities through it.

Although able to prolong her life and youth indefinitely, Ceireia still requires sustenance in the form of water and sunlight. However, due to the dark energy now infesting her body, prolonged exposure to sunlight will harm her. To prevent this, Ceireia created a small device which extracts the vitamins she needs from sunlight and is able to inject it into her body.
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